School fees and levies

Fees and levies letter from the Principal

Direct Debit Request Form

At the end of each year, the School Board sets the fees and levies for the following year. A letter advising families of fees and levies is sent out in November. Families have two options for the payment of School Fees and Levies.

Option One: is to set up a direct debit on a fortnightly or monthly basis. Payments via direct debit generally finish in the December of that year unless there is an outstanding amount. 

Option Two: is to pay the full amount by the 30th of April.  If any families are experiencing difficulty in paying, they are asked to meet with the principal to discuss other possible arrangements.


Subject Levies: The school receives a Government Allowance for children from Prep to Grade 6. However, this does not cover all the necessary classroom costs and a levy is charged for the difference in each grade.

Levies for each grade level may vary. Levies cover the cost of classroom supplies and resources, swimming, gym, technology, incursions and local excursions.


Some parents may be eligible to claim financial assistance from the State government - this is known as the Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund (CSEF). Information regarding applying for CSEF will be placed in our school newsletter in Term 1. 

Procedure when sending money to School: ALL money must be sent to School in an envelope clearly marked with the child's name, grade and purpose of the money. This is then handed to the child's teacher.


St Therese's school fees policy

  1. The St Therese's School Fees Policy shall fall within the guidelines of the 'Diocese of Sandhurst' Fee Collection Guidelines. 
  2. Fees collected are an integral part of the School budget and are essential to the running of the School. 
  3. A fee will be payable for each family enrolled at the School. 
  4. School Fees will be payable as per the two options above. 
  5. A Fees Account shall be distributed via email to each family at the beginning of each term 
  6. If payment in full is not possible by the required time, alternative arrangements can be made following consultation with the Principal or Administrative Officer. 
  7. A reminder notice shall be sent to any family whose Fees are not paid within the required me. 
  8. If Fees remain in arrears by the end of the School year, families shall be contacted with a view to making payment arrangements for the following year.