School Board

Our school board operates as the principal consulatative, accountability and advisory body in the school. 

The board is accountable to the parish priest to ensure that the school is fathful to its mission. 
Working in collaboration with the principal, the board ensures the implementation of the Charter of Sandhurst School Improvement (CoSSI). 

Board membership provides parents and school staff with an aopportunity to exercise leadership in contributing to the development of their school community and the spiritual develoment, pastoral care and quality education of its students. 

The school board is open to and inclusive of the school community and operates as the regular and on-going consulatative, accountability and advisory body for the school community; with specific responisibility for strategic planning, support to the principal, informed advice, school renewal and evelopment, defined areas of policy and general leadership. 

Thus our school board is open to a broad membership including people of varying gifts, skills and faith backgrounds.

Our School Board currently comprises the Parish Priest, four members of staff and six parents. It is the key consultative group in the school.
Our School Board operates in the five areas of the School Improvement Framework, which are Catholic Identity, Leadership, Learning & Teaching, Pastoral Wellbeing and Stewardship of Resources.