Parents & friends

The function of the Parents and Friends is to organise social activity and interaction, to provide funds and provide services for our St. Therese's school community.

It is committed to ensuring continuation on of the organisation on by maintaining a strong committee and training of replacement executive.

The co-ordination, support and maintenance of the various sub-committees and their representation on at general meeting is critically important. The following sub-committees operate: Canteen Committee, Fete Committee, Marong Cup Committee, Music Trivia Night Committee along with various other fundraising committees. Funds are used to improve and develop classroom resources and capital items.

The Parents and Friends meet on a Tuesday night at 7.30 p.m. in the Staff Room during weeks 3 and 8 of each term.  Families always find their involvement either directly or indirectly in this organisation enjoyable.

All families are asked to support the committee either by becoming a P&F member or by being a volunteer for P&F events when they take place. Come along to our meeting or contact a P&F representative as listed in our school newsletter