Staff and Teachers

Our fantastic staff are the heart of our school...


Principal:   Petra Teggelove
Deputy Principal / Learning & Pedagogy:   Kim Carter                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Senior Leader - Pastoral Wellbeing/Learning Diversity:   Gabrielle Walsh
Catholic Identity:   Marcia Arnold

Teaching Staff

Junior Foundation:  Nicole Ellis, Mel O'Sullivan, Grace Grogan
Junior 1:   Melissa Moloney & Donna Robinson, Alice Nielsen, Jacinta McMahon
Junior 2:   Molly Lea, Christine Lockett, Marcia Angove
Middle 3:  Georgia Goode, Martin Leyden, Molly Drum
Middle 4:  David Mott, Siarn James & Danielle Cameron, Chris Smith
Senior 5:  Bethany Osment & Laura Terry, Josh Smith, Joe Greene
Senior 6:  Kate Bombardieri, Michelle Cole, Trent McInnes


Intervention:   Donna Robinson, Laura Terry, Martina Thomson, Leonie Tomlins, Jo O'Connell



Visual Arts:   Lisa Rankins & Jess Richardson
Music:   James Kershaw
Indonesian:   Etty Lerk & Liana Elias

Physical Education:  Mel Woods, Courtney Gibson (AFL Sports Ready Trainee)


Administration Staff:

Payroll / HR:   Julie Chaplin
Finance / Student Data:   Lars Casperson
Admin Support:   Angela Connelly


Learning Support Staff:

Karla Crosby (Library Technician), Jennifer Sheehan (Family Wellbeing), Alison Pieper (First Aid Officer), James Graco (ICT Support), Mary Piltz (Canteen Coordinator), Melissa Parker (Koori Support), Melissa Thomas, Leanne Bodycoat, Will Edwards, Olivia Marchingo, Mary Smith, Sarah Linton, Connor Sexton, Sam Conforti, Heidi Shelton, Maggie Burke, Lily Cullen, Isabella Pearce, Emily Teggelove

Counsellor:   Mena Baines

Maintenance & Grounds: Peter Sporn

Scholastic Book Club:  Marcene Haythorpe  

PSW Uniform:   Marietta Parsons


Parish Priest:   Fr Jake Mudge


If you require any further information or have any queries, please contact our administration staff.