School Timetable

School Hours

Community of Readers  8.45 - 9.00am
Session 1 9:00-11:00
Recess 11:00-11:30am
Session 2 11:30am - 1:30pm
Lunch 1:30- 2:30pm
Session 3 2:30- 3:25pm

Recess and Lunch

Morning recess is from 11:00 until 11:30am.

By this time children can be quite hungry, so we recommend that some additional food is made available at that time. eg. fruit, cake, or even a sandwich. Most classes have a "Fruit Break" during the morning when children are encouraged to eat some fruit.

Lunch begins at 1:30pm. From 1:30pm until 1:40pm the children sit in classrooms to eat their lunch.

From 1:40pm until 2:25pm the children play. During lunch and recess children are supervised by duty staff.

End of Term Arrangement

School finishes at 2:30pm on the last day of each term unless otherwise notified. This time fits in with bus arrangements.

If you have any queries please contact our office staff.