About us

St Therese’s School community was originally built by neighbourhood parents wanting a Catholic education for their children. Today this same spirit lives on within the staff, children, parents and caregivers who are all an integral and important part of the school’s daily life.

Ultimately we are a school community that is strongly influenced by our patron saint, St Therese of Lisieux. Her message of “doing the ordinary things extraordinarily well for God” permeates through the prayer and actions of those within our school.

Our school community cares for the individual needs of students and families. We actively engage in a whole-school approach to meeting the academic needs of students through the use of proven teaching programs and methods.  

We also attend to meeting the emotional and social needs of students.  This is all done thanks to the dedicated staff and the Students Services team. We firmly believe that parents are the first educators of their children and the relationship between home and school needs to be one of acceptance and respect.

Our school community is located in the heart of Kennington and is a part of the St Therese’s Church Parish.  This encompasses St Therese’s Church, St Joseph’s Church in Axe Creek and St Mary’s Church in Axedale.  

The education facilities within the parish include our very own St Therese’s Primary School, the Assisi Kindergarten in Blucher Street, Strathfieldsaye and St Francis of the Fields Primary School also in Blucher Street, Strathfieldsaye.

We are not focused solely on academic outcomes

At St Therese's we use the same curriculum frameworks as government schools but are not focussed solely on academic outcomes. Our school aims to provide opportunities for students to explore, reflect on, and integrate Christian values into their lives by developing behaviours based on love, care, respect, and forgiveness.

We strive to assist each of our students to develop a strong work ethic, love of learning, optimism for the future and positive self esteem by providing a continually friendly and supportive environment based on respect for the person and sensitivity to individual differences.

St Therese's aims to provide our students and their families with the experience of a Christian community at worship, work and play.

The principal and our staff are always available to discuss with you the educational, emotional, social and spiritual needs of your child.