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A wonderful team of parents who work to create social and support networks across the school.

The Class Parent Representatives (known as the Class Reps) are volunteers from each classroom who work with the Staff and School Community to organise some of our social gatherings and help the Pastoral Wellbeing Team provide a caring and supportive environment for all families in our school particularly new families in our School Community.


Class Reps, with the assistance of the Welfare Staff:

  • organise morning teas on a class by class or, in upper grades, on a Unit basis
  • organise a school parent social gathering (Has been the Rotating dinner to date)
  • organise the open school/picnic night-welcome and help out where needed
  • ring listed parents to ask for casseroles for the school Pastoral Group (this may only happen once/twice per year)
  • liaise with class teacher if they know of a family in need of a casserole or card etc
  • ensure new families to the school, in particular those arriving through the year, are welcomed.


Class Rep

Junior Angove/Florence

Siobhan Sullivan

Junior Ellis

Emma Boxshall

Junior Woods

Joanne Perez

Junior Moloney/McGrath

Bridy Bourke

Junior Morris

Sophie Smith

Junior Stirton

Kate Bombardieri

Junior Wolfe (Scott)

Marita Pinniger

Junior Bottcher/Bombardieri

Ange Fiske Kealy

Trisha Guthrie

Junior Dunham

Sharon McColl-Neilson

Middle Thomspon

Carla Anderson

Middle Hercus

Rusty Targett

Middle Gallagher

Justine Harrington

Middle Walsh Jacinta McMahon

Middle Senior McInnes

Julianne Morris

Middle Senior Thomson

Angela McNamara

Senior O’Connell

Natalie Thomas

Senior Tomlins/Cole

Deanne Murphy

Senior Mott

Jan Livingston