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Our Patron Saint...

 St Therese of Lisieux

          Therese Martin was born in northern France in 1873, the youngest of five daughters. At the age of fifteen she managed to persuade her father - and Pope Leo XII - to approve her entry into the local Carmelite convent, following two elder sisters.

          Her sister, as prioress, suggested she write an account of her childhood. Therese completed this in 1897, and died a few weeks later of tuberculosis. She was just twenty-four years of age.

          The first edition printed of "The Story of a Soul" had 2,000 copies. It has now been translated into 38 languages, and continues St Therese's wish to "make the kindness of God better known".

          She called herself "The Little Flower" and described her search for grace as a "little way". She insisted on placing absolute confidence in God's love and kindness, in the same way a small child loves and trusts their parents. Just as a parent returns this love and trust, God accepts everything. Every small act is just as important as every great one.

This simple but profound insight inspired her canonisation in 1925, only twenty-eight years after her death.

We acknowledge St Therese each year on her feast day with the St Therese Awards.

The Australian Carmelites have built an outstanding site on St Therese in Australia. Worth a look!

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