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These Graduate Outcomes have arisen from our Vision Statement and articulate what it is that the school community hopes to achieve for each student who graduates from this school.

St. Therese's graduates are:

  • People of integrity, with a strong sense of justice, knowing that their actions can make a difference.
  • People of hope, who are self-confident, spirited and believe in themselves.
  • People with a love of learning, who strive to reach their academic potential and who see themselves as life-long learners.
  • People who have the foundations for making responsible choices and living a Christian life.
  • People who have a social confidence. They build positive relationships and have the skills to nurture their relationships.
  • People with a genuine care and respect for life, self, others, the wider community and environment.
  • People developing a relationship with God. They have an understanding of their God, have experienced God's love and are committed to their faith journey.